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White Amah

Ann Massey

White Amah
Previously Published Book

1993: Crystal, a seventeen year old schoolgirl in suburban Australia, is disenchanted with life and itching for adventure. On a whim she bluffs her way into an audition with the White Diamonds, a dancing troupe touring South-East Asia. Infected by the glamour of life as a showgirl, the reckless woman-child is quickly drawn to Singapore’s squalid underbelly. On the run from the Singaporean police, she falls for a good-looking muso, an irresponsible bad boy, not the kind to lose your heart to … but Crystal has always made poor choices.
1993: Rubiah has never been offered many choices in life. The beautiful young Dayak girl runs away from her jungle longhouse to a life as an amah in Miri, the home of Sarawak’s booming oil industry. Uneducated, she knows she’ll be a maid for the rest of her life if she can’t find a rich protector. Married or single, gangster or conman, she doesn’t care as long as he can give her the glamorous life she craves.
2010: Mei Li is a child of the longhouse but the village has never accepted the beautiful, enigmatic young woman. When a bitter, ageing Indonesian fisherman arrives to claim his teenage bride, Mei Li wrenches herself from her beloved grandparents and flees to Miri to look for her long-lost mother. But instead of sanctuary Mei Li finds herself caught in a treacherous web of deceit, greed and murder as past secrets and lies are gradually revealed.
Three women, three lives, three destinies …
From the night life of Singapore, to the rain-drenched jungles of Borneo, to the world of a rich and ambitious rock star, The White Amah is the story of a dark secret and the consequences when a woman’s past comes back to threaten the present.