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White Ghosts Black Shadows

by Ray Johnston

White Ghosts Black Shadows
Previously Published Book
Australian Fiction

The scene—the luscious lazy tropical town of Rabaul, New Guinea. The time—January 1942. The Japanese Imperial Force, fresh from victory at Pearl Harbour, is poised to strike, bringing a sedate era of colonial security to an end. Put yourself in the scene. The stress is as unbearable as the sultry tropical heat. And you may have less than two weeks left to live. As the Japanese invade, loyal natives, in fear of their new rulers, watch in awe as their former masters flee through their lands like lost white ghosts, vanquished and emaciated. From the shadows they do what they can to help. In this world on the brink of collapse, with the dark cloud of chaos threatening to burst, who do you trust with your life? With the army in disarray, abandoned by high command, one man, District Officer Joshua 'Jacko' Jackson, rises to the challenge and tries to coordinate an escape. But will it be too late?
White Ghosts Black Shadows is a fictionalised account of what has become almost a mere footnote in Australian military history—the Japanese invasion of Rabaul during World War Two. But more than trying to reclaim an almost forgotten episode of war, it is an exploration of the human psyche in the shadow of destruction





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