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White Yulngu


White Yulngu
Galley Release
Australian Fiction

The dark figures approached the wreckage carefully and noticed that it was the same make and model of the car they were actually travelling in, therefore, it was almost obligatory that they check it out. It wasn’t long before a spare wheel with only a half-worn tyre was lying on the dusty roadway. Yes — that was a definite acquisition, as two of the tyres on their vehicle were beginning to show strips of canvas. It was collected and taken to the car out of which they had magically appeared.
Apart from that, there was very little left of the vehicle, which was not surprising as it was obvious that it had been savaged by a very large road train — and all those trailers had travelled over the wreckage.
The figures were about to pile into the waiting station wagon, when a small cry — actually a whimper — was heard from the dusty side of the road where the bulldust had piled up from years of vehicular travel.
They all heard it and they all returned to the place from where the cry had come.