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With a Smile and a Song

Paul Ruse

With a Smile and a Song
Previously Published Book

This book contains mostly light rhyming verse, but there is also some equally lighthearted prose. The prose consists mostly of comments on what the author feels is a misuse of the English language; for example, our present-day reluctance to use commas before conjunctions such as 'and' and 'but, even when a pause is obviously needed. With the verse, like Ogden Nash, whom he greatly admires, he is not afraid to modify, even mangle, words to fit in with his rhyming scheme.
Many of the verses include little digs at some of our petty human foibles and weaknesses. A few are simply having fun with words for the sake of a sometimes outrageous pun, along the lines of this little example from an earlier work:

QUICK, BEFORE IT FREEZES This is my ice-cream in the sun.
I put it there to make a pun.
A pun is what it's all about: I like one that is well-thawed-out.

If you like puns and rhymes, and fun with words in general, you should enjoy reading this book.