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Woven Fragments

Stephen Twartz

Woven Fragments
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Australian Fiction

A journey to the realm of displaced first nation people?
In this concluding chapter of The Veiled Thread Series, Harry has changed, the journey has been long. From a brief association with his grandfather just before he died, and a meeting with a cousin he never knew existed, to realisation that his life so far has been one long obsession with himself, Harry hopes for liberation from the darkness.
The story takes Harry and his new-found cousin on a search for evidence of the fate of Jimmy, aboriginal stockman, friend and close confidante of Harry's grandfather, a journey that takes them from the high pastures of the Australian Alps, through the deep forests of the southern mountains of New South Wales, to the realm of displaced first nation people at the coast.
This is a story that follows Harry's search and discovery of himself, along the way revealing the shocking truth about the true intergenerational cost of war.
Harry's search takes him on an emotional roller coaster ride to places amongst the living and the dead, always with the hope he can restore belief in himself, and bring love into his life.