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Yearning for Acceptance

Lisha Miller

Yearning for Acceptance
Galley Release

Yearning for Acceptance is based on a true story: the touching and heart wrenching story of Lanisha, who was born in Fiji and migrated to Australia, where she finally found peace of mind after a lifetime of pain and dislocation.
When Lanisha was two months old, her mother, battling with her husband and unable to care for all her children, left her to be raised by her grandparents. She suffered assaults on her body and mind by those close to her and her yearning for the love of a real family grew stronger by the day. She spent her childhood planning ways of escaping from her grandparents and returning to her parents. Each attempt resulted in more heartache and pain.
As she flowered into a beautiful young woman, she embarked on the journey of love and relationships. On migrating to Australia, she was faced with new dilemmas. She had settled in Queensland, but the urge to avoid family intervention instigated her move from Brisbane, which ultimately brought new heartache and troubles.
However, Lanisha's adventures, mishaps and experiences broadened her outlook. As she tackled each hurdle with new-found strength, the experience gave her insight into her life and what was important for her. It also helped her realise her inner strength, the person she truly was and the person she wanted to be. Eventually, she saw her life from a new perspective and her final decision brought closure to her unanswered questions.