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You Blokes from the City

James Nott

You Blokes from the City
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James Nott was born into a farming family in the Central West of NSW. His early schooling took place in Dubbo, followed by boarding school in Sydney. During these formative years, he developed an understanding of life on both sides of the Great Dividing Range.
After gaining a pilot's licence and considering a career in aviation, James returned to the land to support his father as the winds of economic change engulfed farmers everywhere. The need to adapt and survive was the new order of the day. Through the good and bad, feast and famine, James found that his sense of humour helped him deal with the stress of rural Australia's downward spiral during the latter half of the twentieth century. Married with two sons, life on the land took its toll and eventually overflowed to affect his family.
Looking back, James says that 'We are all wiser in hindsight? but we live our lives according to the choices we make as individuals. Everyone loves success, but once in awhile the elements of failure can be so overwhelming as to change our lives forever. It is then that the need for strength to rise above adversity becomes the only option.?
Based on farming life and written in the language of the bush, You Blokes from the City? takes the reader on a light-hearted, thought provoking journey.




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