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Your Heart and Mine

Sandee Banks

Your Heart and Mine
Featured Release
Children's Illustrated Fiction

In this, her first book, Zeb (the Zebra) goes on an adventure wanting to find out if other creatures have hearts that beat like his. Hearts are the universal symbol of love, caring and compassion.

There are hearts throughout most of the book - some more hidden than others. The last line in the story is an invitation to find all the hearts (not just on the back page).... There are many, many hearts to count and appreciate, if you take the time to look ?.. (both in the book and in life).

This story is a stepping stone into chats with children about finding hearts and finding love (for example: look at Micky's face, the tree blossoms and so much more).

"Your Heart and Mine" is also about creatures that may have different looks, habits or quirks. We can befriend those around us, no matter our differences, remembering that all our hearts, both your heart and mine, beat the same in friendship.