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Robina Flynn

Robina Flynn

My life was sheltered to an excruciating degree, so much so that I was unprepared for what was to come. While growing up in a close Catholic family I was pampered by everyone around me; I led a quiet life that I didn’t realise was lonely until Brad came along.

My mother Eugene died two days after my birth, so I was raised by my Aunt Joan who I affectionately called ‘Mum’, and my Uncle Ed. It was a loving environment—although smothering most of the time—with my father ‘Ron’ and his new family always close by.

I attended a private secondary girl’s school, and although I hated study I didn’t leave until after grade ten when I began working in an office. Even now I revel in paperwork, and while I was always creative I studied art in my teens, followed by three diplomas of writing after I was married.

One thing that I have always loved is travel; I’ve seen New Zealand once plus the USA on two occasions. Following my first trip in 1978, I was so caught up in the American way of life that upon returning home I requested immigration papers and intended to leave Australia behind. But within only one month I met a charming young man who captured my imagination to such an extent, that I put my hopes and dreams aside to spend the rest of my life with him instead.

Brad and I became engaged within only five weeks then we ­married just four months later. My life was wonderful as I immersed myself into my new life as Brad’s wife; I pampered him non-stop while he did exactly the same for me. He had a sense of humour that I later found out only I truly enjoyed, we had a wonderful relationship and I almost idealised him.

Fourteen months afterwards our daughter Jo-ann was born; followed by our son Daniel almost three years later. Both beautiful children that I have always been proud of; but as I only had eyes for Brad their lives would soon become one of fear and torment at his hands.

After leaving home early Jo-ann created a wonderful career in hospitality, whilst Daniel earned himself the title of one of the best junior tenpin bowlers on the Gold Coast. Brad also became an accredited bowler, but as for me I was more skilled at running tournaments and leagues; for over ten years our lives were consumed with the sport. I also had short-stories and poems published; that was until Brad’s true colours shone through when he abandoned his family for a low-class woman with a home and security.

Since then I’ve been forced to find my own way in the universe; I went back to work and have written more than one novel. At this point in time I’m fighting tooth and nail to have Brad put in jail for committing fraud against the government; and it’s only a matter of time until that comes to fruition.

I now have someone wonderful in my life again; and while Daniel is happily engaged to Kaylene, Jo-ann is mourning her boyfriend Jason’s death. All in all it’s been a long hard road for the three of us since Brad’s absence, but now we are closer than ever as we look after one another just like families should.

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