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Lies with Criminal Intent

by Robina Flynn

Lies with Criminal Intent
Galley Release

Spanning a twenty-seven year period, Lies with Criminal Intent is a compelling story of manipulation and broken trust. Seemingly a loving husband with his family’s interests in mind, in reality Brad was a career criminal. Suffering from a serious personality disorder, he carried out a vast range of illegal activities.

While he and his wife lived a life of devotion to one another, Brad, showing little remorse, regularly and secretly beat his children. As his various criminal activities increased, his violent outbursts also became more ugly and frequent. Brad then embarked on an affair with a married woman; an affair which shattered the loving relationship that he and his wife shared, plunging the family into turmoil.  After 2001, the tempo of his misdeeds increased to an incredible degree, leading to his ultimate downfall.




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