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A Gift of Love - A Nonna's Story

Anne Clark

A Gift of Love - A Nonna's Story
Previously Published Book
Children's Illustrated Fiction

Nonna saw that Happy Bear was puzzled. 'Would you like to come with me on my trip to The End of the World?' she asked him. ?We could start a search for your sort of Bear there. You would certainly fit in my red and black bag.'
Happy Bear was very excited with the plan. Then he hesitated because he knew he would have to leave his much-loved grandchildren playmates behind. They definitely would not fit in the bag?but would their toy mascots fit instead? And what sort of adventure would it be?
Enjoy this first story woven around Happy Bear's quest to find his place in the world, and just why his name must have a capital ?B', as told in large part by true photography taken in locations in the deep south.
This real-life adventure started with the chance finding of a small, soft, brown, toy bear, later taken by the author on a journey to the deep south as a keepsake for a loved one unable accompany her on the journey, so setting up another soft-toy-human bond.