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A Matter of Course

Coleen Grundy

A Matter of Course
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A Matter of Course is the narration of a time gone by as the dreamtime encompasses the listener of another era. The discoveries emerge through the voice of Samantha as she sits quietly describing her life to a nurse in a hospital room where the love of her life lies dying.
Personal hardship is narrated to the young as they draw closer at the enormity of the storyteller’s narrative. The narration becomes a life once again as time catches up and the past becomes the present and the present is interwoven with the future.
The past: Kerry, a police protection officer, and her client Samantha, the daughter of a high-ranking political official, are caught up in espionage, betrayal and emotional turmoil against the backdrop of their emerging relationship. What is perceived is sometimes never the case as the doors of curiosity open and one’s life is never the same again.
The present: Police Sergeant Pauline is thrown into the web of lust and denial with a lonely doctor, Jocelyn, both dedicated to their work created from a life which one refuses to own. As the realisation of their own limitations collide, temptation arises.
Time’s end itself: Generations depart, leaving windows of expectant change. Joy and freedom embrace Jocelyn and Pauline and hope emerges as the past finally sheds itself. Freedom is finally learnt; that it is simply a matter of course, regardless of our environment. This freedom is embraced as a new trilogy ensues.




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