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A Matter of Perspective

by Bill McGeever

A Matter of Perspective
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The author has spent almost all his working life as an employee of the Queensland Audit Office. Starting in his teenage years he gradually developed a knowledge of the structure of society and its governance, and the economical framework in which it functioned in most countries of the world. He saw the imbalance in wealth, possessions and power, and the personal and national conflict it caused. He realized that the avid pursuit of more of the same by an increasing population was causing more and more demands on the world?s resources, endangering its environment and its flora and fauna. It could also have dire consequences for the human race. At the same time the social framework was fragmenting. He reasoned there was little chance of halting or reversing these destructive trends unless major changes were made to the socio/economic structure. In his book, he proposes a radical restructuring that could lead to a universal harmonious society in a self sustaining world.




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