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A Rose with Many Thorns

Rosalind Dorrington

A Rose with Many Thorns
Galley Release

A Rose With Many Thorns is a true story which begins with the author’s mischievous childhood and misspent teenage years. She and her friends had humorous and sometimes frightening escapades. 
It continues depicting a very raw account of many adversities encountered by the author including incest, paedophilia, alcoholism, mental illness and spousal abuse. On Christmas Day 1975 the author finds herself facing the possibility of being charged with attempted murder when she stabs her husband after he goes on a drunken rampage. Christmas Day 1979 the author unknowingly is the target of murder by a psychotic co-worker.
The author tries to put her life back in order only to face the prospect of her daughter being diagnosed with a rare disease. During this period the author remarkably controls the chaos surrounding her by entering and winning talent quests.
In 2006 the author has the biggest shock of her life when she realizes she has been betrayed in the most disturbing way by the person whom she trusted implicitly.
This is an extraordinary, compelling story more befitting an unbelievable soap opera which leaves the reader shaking their head in total disbelief at the author’s intestinal fortitude.