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Behind The Pub Door

by Dorothy Dickhart Clarke

Behind The Pub Door
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From growing up after the Second World War in Western Australia where the chooks were psychotic and the dunny was dangerous, to serving beers to the miners from the Kalgoorlie goldfields, Dorothy Dickhart Clarke has experienced the 'real' Australia of Outback pubs and country race meets. Life on the goldfields is tough, but what shines brighter than the gold nuggets in the ashtrays is the sense of humour and laid back attitude of those who live and work in the towns. Not only will you get a chance to meet colourful characters like Charlie Banana, Shifty, Nifty and Swifty, but you will learn about the history of the goldfield towns, their hotels and the people who have passed through them.
What was under Shimmy Mirinzie's bed? Who nicked Mrs McLarty's ducks at Christmas time? With an intimate and often first-hand knowledge of local history, Dorothy Dickhart Clarke's fond and sometimes hilarious memories will give you a glimpse into what life really is like from Behind the Pub Door.




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