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Cast Terror and Subvert

by Michael Anthony

Cast Terror and Subvert
Previously Published Book
Political Thriller

The Terrorist Cell Leader, Mohammad Bin Abdul Samad, sets in motion his plan to attack civilian and government targets in Australia. His motivation is both ideological and revenge-driven. He is ruthless, cunning and consumed by his dedication to achieve maximum destruction. His primary weapons are the suicide bombers he has conditioned for the task, and a secret group with a special mission.
Bridget Anderson, Controller Intelligence Operations, gets an early indication of the imminent attacks but little substance. She alerts the Government and State Anti-Terrorist elements. Gradually, the scope and nature of the terrorist intention becomes clearer. Attacks are imminent with potentially large casualties. Anti-Terrorist and police forces are alerted and the hunt commences. Information comes to hand and is acted upon. The pressure is intense. There are wins and losses until the final deadly confrontation between the two adversaries, Bridget and Samad.




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