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Cuckoos, Book 1, of the Crying Men series

by David Bastin

Cuckoos, Book 1, of the Crying Men series
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Marty Kincaid returns to Darwin after fifteen years abroad to bury his compare, Franco ' his Italian godfather and one-time friend... After the funeral, Marty is drawn into a world of intrigue as he lurches from one discovery to another as he confronts a paedophile ring and Franco's alleged murder… Why is Marty suddenly on Israel's radar? And why, suddenly, does he have Israeli minders? Then there's Marty's interest in three hunky Sicilian wannabe thugs thrown into the mix, along with other sundry, salacious characters… To add to Marty's growing consternation, he's officially on four months compassionate leave and not the four weeks he applied for. But it is the one act of betrayal that tears Marty apart, forcing him to confront his past in order to move on with his future… But will he be able to make that move…




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