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Dickheads & Witches

Michael Morel

Dickheads & Witches
Previously Published Book

Men! Do you really understand women?
Women! Do you truly believe that you understand your male counterparts?
If you don't, this book will help both. It was written by an ordinary bloke who has not managed any academic qualifications except to graduate from the school of hard knocks. It is said that experience is a great teacher but a hard master, with which the author agrees.
Since he discovered how the mind actually works more than a decade ago, his life has changed from mediocre to fantastic. Such information is contained within and can be used by anyone to enhance their lives.
The author's definition of a Dickhead: a man who is controlled by the big head on his shoulders or the little head between his legs, but is not connected to the Godhead (Wisdom).
A W/Bitch definition: a bitch is an animal on heat; a witch is someone who turns the heat up or down depending upon'what's cooking?!