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Dragons, Butterflies and Fools

James Devere

Dragons, Butterflies and Fools
Galley Release

James Devere crosses the line. From a career in management, James enters the world of the female. He has one final chance to regain his son, a chance he must take, regardless of the cost.
Concluding, that men have lost the battle of the sexes, and he, is but one of the victims of a conspiracy, a conspiracy in which his wife has played a major role, James embarks on a path of revenge.
James’s challenge is to destroy his wife’s power, to reverse the crime, ensuring, she, not he, is the victim.
As his plans are actioned, actions turn into results, results into victory, James, to his dismay, finds confusion rather than clarity. While he may be winning, he is in fact losing.
As his time in the female domain increases, James discovers he is able to complete traditional female duties far better than any female could, confirming his theory that he, in fact all men, have been deceived – women have lied.
Unfortunately James discovers as the end draws near, he was never in control, he was never going to win, for he has confronted a Dragon, a master Dragon, a devious Dragon who has orchestrated every step of the process.