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Dream Raider

KC Webb

AR Puttee

Dream Raider
Previously Published Book
Science Fiction

Johnny Marsh is different. For John the mysterious and unknown is not something to be afraid of. When he was a child he wasnn'tt afraid of the monster under the bed; he would go looking for it. He has an aura of dread around him, and people keep their distance. And then there are his dreams. In his dreams John enters worlds that are beyond most people's wildest imaginings. John is different, but no one ever makes fun of him. When Peter Wright the school nerd enlists John's help in understanding the vivid dream that has been terrorising him for a month, John has no idea that his investigations will take them on a journey into the heart of evil, where unimaginable terrors will test their investigative powers and their courage. Who is the malevolent clown that invades Pete's dreams?
What is the meaning of the mysterious eyes? And why does John find himself amongst a race of pig-like beings in a desperate quest to defeat the powerful and sadistic creature known as the Mauler?
Before their investigations are over, John and Pete will meet horrifying creatures from distant worlds, and nightmares they may never wake from. In their relentless search for the truth they uncover evil that has been devastating lives for over four thousand years. John will have a new understanding of who he is and his place in the world, and their lives will never be the same again.