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Echo in the Hills

by Buddy Chamberlain

Echo in the Hills
Galley Release

This tale of romance in the wilderness tells of a time that could be fact or fiction. It speaks of danger, love and devotion, of rape, murder and retribution.
It tells how groups of subhuman beings treat the unfortunate. They rape and murder and bring down all those that believe in the simple things in life such as decency, respect and love.
And from the depths of the wilderness comes one man that loves nature and freedom. He brings justice to all those that are downtrodden. That man, Jack Crocker, is the ultimate fighter with a gun and knife. He saves beautiful Alana from certain death when he plucks her from the river where she fell after throwing herself over a cliff rather than submit to a cowardly mob of rapists.
The moment Jack touches Alana?s bare flesh his life change forever and he loses all he cherished.
Then unknown to Alana, her sisters and mother take him as their own and use him to satisfy their sexual needs. With all honesty, for Jack it is his beautiful Alana he is making passionate love to. Their life together is one of the unbridled passion filled with danger; however as fate will decree there is a beautiful young lady waiting in the wings who most believe is a boy.




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