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Five Golden Rings and a Diamond

Marie Seltenrych

Five Golden Rings and a Diamond
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In Ireland, even during the 1960's and 70's the Tinceards (Tinkers) were an outcast and despised people. Niamh Murphy becomes an outcast of her own Tinceard clan, a victim of her own bad decisions and others' manipulation of her life. She tried to get to America but ends up in gaol and eventually in Australia. In the sweet sugarcane area of Queensland, she finally finds true love, which ends in disaster. Niamh pushes against the tide once more and surprisingly finds her own hidden strengths and talents. But are these enough to bring her happiness and can the pain of lost love ever be forgotten?
Niamh Murphy is sixteen, bubbling over with youth and dreams of finding true love. She is envied by women and adored by men for her innocence and beauty. However, Niamh has a habit of making seriously bad decisions, which eventually cost her the loss of her friends, family and almost her mind. She finds herself trapped by manipulative and powerful figures that rule her world and determine her future, such as her stepsister Maeve, Missus Connor and the suave Father Martin. Niamh calls herself an 'egit? and feels 'jinxed? as disasters overtake her life and true love is snatched from her grasp again and again. Niamh resigns herself to a life where art is her true love, but providence takes a twist and Niamh has to dig deep to rekindle her faded dreams and to re-ignite her passion and vision of love.



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