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For the Love of Rhupert

Rhonda Schwab

For the Love of Rhupert
Previously Published Book
Australian Fiction

Eight year-old Emmaline and her best friend Rosemary empathise with and support the older, much-bullied, but highly musically gifted Rhupert. The girls are aghast at how little support they receive from the school; one of the bullies happens to be the son of the school principal.
Rhupert's seemingly growing confidence diminishes when the bullies discover he will attend the same secondary school as their brothers the following year. They do everything possible to convince him the bullying won't cease.
Finally, events take an unexpected but very sad turn. Emmaline's life is turned upside down and things will never be the same again.
Parents and teachers will want to read this very moving account with their older primary school offspring and students in the hope of conveying the possible tragic outcome of bullying.