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Galaxy Trotters

Marie Lukic

Galaxy Trotters
Current Release
Children's Illustrated Fiction
Science Fiction

‘Hey! What is that thing?!’ asked Nikki with a gasp, for right there inside their galaxy hopper, an enormous hole had opened. It was fringed with jagged, black, triangular edges and inside lay swirling silver stars. Nikki, frightened, grabbed Sowelu’s trotter.
‘Don’t worry, Nikki, that’s our wormhole to Noom,’ said Sowelu.
Galaxy Trotters is a humorous science fiction fantasy quest about two inquisitive children who adventure in a space craft to a number of bedazzling planets. They learn about space travel, greening planets, deception and betrayal.
It all begins one evening. Nikki and Peter are doing homework when they are disturbed by a crash. They investigate to find Sowelu — a flying piglet and member of the Astro Piglet Guild — has landed in their yard in a distressed state. The children help her and in return Sowelu grants them their wish and tries to take them to Mars in her galaxy hopper space craft to find her lost pig love, Romeo. 
The galaxy hopper travels in Superquicktime and the children use their intergalactic-gosmos- antimatter-divetmakers to enter wormholes and visit antimatter planets. They also encounter Archie Kinestra’s finest inventions, his hybrid flying pigs.
The galaxy hopper develops mechanical problems and the children are sucked into a wormhole where they meet the evil traitor, Dr Carr Bunkel.




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