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Grand Intentions

Trevor Barr

Grand Intentions
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Inspired by real events, this novel explores the human consequences for those caught up in the rapid transformation of a widely respected Australian corporation. The architect of sweeping change is Clint Mason, the formidable chief executive of the newly privatised Telco One, recruited from New York. Little did former financial counsellors, Max and Paul, realise how radically their lives would change after they joined Telco One's consumer division. Their respective partners, Karen and Nicole, also become embroiled in a new hothouse lifestyle as they confront complicated professional and personal choices.
Journalists are gunning for their 'cowboy' Clint as he relentlessly imposes his new strategies. Is he a cultural misfit, a necessary agent of change, or a true visionary? Grand Intentions is an enthralling novel that draws upon life in the Australian telecommunications industry as an allegory that links corporate upheaval to its impacts on individuals, and asks what this means for Australia.



Book Reviews for Grand Intentions

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Josephine Coffey, Somerset.
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