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Honour Code Of Greed

by Michael Jones

Honour Code Of Greed
Previously Published Book

Enter a world of glamour and high finance, where mistakes mean death, and crime is a way of life. Broke and desperate in New York, Australian lawyer, Nick Barton inadvertently becomes involved in a Latin American drug syndicate. Catapulted to great wealth, he must fight to survive.
His colleague Charles Bellamy is also clawing his way up to establish himself as a power in international politics and business circles. Two beautiful and ruthless women are involved with Charles, each pursuing their own separate goals. And who are the mysterious Sydney couple who pose a threat to the power of the syndicate? The higher they all climb, the greater the danger of collapse, and the lure of intrigue. Racing across the globe over three decades from Sydney to New York, from South America to Europe to Florida this story captures the heart of an era when Greed was Good, but power was everything.




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