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I Do Recall

Jeff Carr

I Do Recall
Previously Published Book

The controversial Western Australian Governments of the 1980s are again in the spotlight with the former Premier, Brian Burke, accused of seeking to influence the Carpenter State Government. Jeff Carr recalls his eight years in the WA Cabinets of Brian Burke, Peter Dowding and Carmen Lawrence during one of the most dramatic eras in Australian political history.
He recounts the highs, the successes, the frustrations and the disappointments that are part and parcel of active politics in exciting times.
It is also the story of how a shy, nervous, introverted, stammering boy from a humble country family battled his way through to make an impact for the better in the tough and changing world of politics. Jeff tells of an upbringing based on parental morality and country sporting values, which stood him in good stead and helped him to remain ‘squeaky clean’ in the turbulent WA politics of the 1980s.
He also recounts an active and involved ‘life after politics’.
His intriguing life story is told against the background of social history that covers growing up in a small country community and the rapid changes in society, politics, technology and lifestyle.

Apology by Mr. Jeff Carr and Sid Harta Publishers Pty Ltd In the book “I Do Recall” written by Mr. Jeff Carr and published by Sid Harta Publishers Pty Ltd, reference was made on page 353 of the book that Mr. Graeme Mickelberg was convicted of the theft of gold from the Perth Mint. The reference made in the book in respect of Mr. Graeme Mickelberg is untrue and has no basis in fact. Mr. Graeme Mickelberg was never charged or convicted of theft from the Perth Mint. Further, Mr. Graeme Mickelberg has never been charged with any criminal offence. The reference to Mr Graeme Mickelberg was a serious error made by Mr Carr upon whom Sid Harta Publishers Pty Ltd relied. Mr. Jeff Carr and Sid Harta Publishers Pty Ltd deeply regret the damage, distress and embarrassment caused to Mr. Graeme Mickelberg. Checks would have shown that the reference to Mr Mickelberg was incorrect. Mr Graeme Mickelberg was not connected in any way whatsoever with the theft of gold from the Perth Mint. Mr. Jeff Carr accepts that by his conduct he is responsible for a most serious affront to Mr. Graeme Mickelberg’s personal and professional reputation and his standing in the community. Mr. Jeff Carr and Sid Harta Publishers Pty Ltd apologise unreservedly for the damage caused to Mr. Graeme Mickelberg and for the distress, and embarrassment caused to him by the publication of a statement that is completely without foundation.