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Hadassah Pomeroy

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Historical Fiction

In 1696 three African women are captured, separated from their husbands and children and shipped separately to the plantations of the West Indies. One of them, Nagamba, loses her baby during the 500 mile death march to the coast of West Africa.
She is abducted by a sea captain and taken aboard his ship but is rescued by her brother Gashaka, and Moustapha, an African stricken with leprosy. Moustapha is a close friend of Joshua Quaile, master of the brigantine Hurricane.
Joshua is entranced by the beautiful African slave and together they sail on the Hurricane to Jamaica. Joshua develops a deep love for Nagamba promising to give her freedom. During the six weeks of the journey she manages to overcome her fear and hatred for white people, entering into a scandalous love affair with Joshua.
Joshua purchases a plantation in Jamaica, courts and marries Nagamba. With the help of Gashaka he sets free all his slaves.
Joshua and Nagamba sail with friends to other islands where they finally confront their destiny.
Joshua is a stirring and vivid tale of the slave trade during the 17th and early 18th century Africa. Brutal and shocking it shines an excoriating light on the best and worst of human nature culminating in a gripping finale that will leave readers breathless.