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by Donna Gardner

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British & Australian Fiction

Leathers is a story of deceit, lust and revenge, set in the glamorous high-octane world of Grand Prix motorcycle racing.
The beautiful Amanda Hollingsworth is plotting to bring down the man who caused her brotherÝs death. Her weapon of choice is Joey Eastern, a talented and naiive young Australian rider. Joey is aiming for world champion, but faces many obstacles. Foremost among these is Dudley, the hard man of the racing circuit, desperate to hold onto his former glory. At the front of the racing pack is Chip, talented, obnoxious and only happy when he Ýs riding on the edge. His plans may be derailed by his tendency to self-destruct. Marco is cut from different cloth; quiet, brilliant and gorgeous ˇ but what is driving him?
Passionate rivalry extends beyond the track ˇ girl power leaves horsepower for dead, as three beautiful women are prepared to stop at nothing to get what they want.
This is the sex-charged, big-money world of international motorcycle racing, a chance to go behind the scenes and get under the covers.
Find out what makes Grand Prix motorcycle racing tick, and sometimes explode! There are plenty of white-knuckle twists and turns before the checkered flag falls.




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