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Letters from Holman's Find

by Ian Hummerston

Letters from Holman's Find
Previously Published Book
Australian Fiction

Holman's Find hit its peak in the early 1900s. A thriving gold-mining town in the middle of nowhere, it was bursting with energy with a bank on every corner, a town hall, post office, pubs and bar brawls. Then things changed. More than a century later, a modern-day history-fossicker's accidental fall down a dark, disused gold-mining shaft leads to an eerily exciting find. The fossicker emerges from the mine with a dusty, heavy hand-made leather cylinder and a deathly secret he ultimately will want to keep.
The amateur historian turns detective and a century-old Goldfields mystery starts to unravel, exposing the bizarre and often larrikin antics of three carefree mining partners, their outback hermitage and how their lives change because of a shared love of the same woman.





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