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Jack French

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Australian Fiction

I've got your release papers on my desk.' The superintendent had cheerfully stated.
'I think there has been some sort of mistake,' said Sorrowful, confused. 'I have at least ten years to go.' There was nowhere for him to go, and he was happy where he was. Prisoners were placed in a 'time capsule' quite outside the normal flow of time, a place that felt more like 'Groundhog Day' - every day was repeated. The longer a prisoner was in this position, the more he suffered 'future shock' when finally released ten or twenty years later.
Sorrowful would have liked to see Yahweh and Allah go the way of Zeus and Thor and all beliefs abandoned. Knowing this would not happen, he had an overview of the human race and knew that there were not such things as gods. Talk about crazy. He had not just experienced a natural high when he had practised Zen meditation, he had suddenly become Enlightened.
Sorrowful became 'Enlightened' in a prison system and it had been a terribly evil environment, yet he had risen above it. He had also solved a puzzle where the world had not known a puzzle had existed.
He never went back to see Stoneyhert, where all the misery happened, though some did. Sorrowful thought that the place should be destroyed; it was not a stately home or a castle, it was a blot on the landscape ...