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My Brother Tom

by Richard Stubbs

My Brother Tom
New Release

As far back as he could remember, Malcolm Henderson had always been living in the shadow of his perfect, older brother Tom. Although they were similar physically, they were worlds apart in every other aspect of their lives.
So, for nearly a decade, Malcolm decided he would give up trying to conform to what modern society regards as the ?norm?. Being a rebellious sort of fellow, he stopped having regular haircuts, he also gave shaving away, his clothes became just a legal requirement, and as a thirty-five year old recluse, he certainly lacked any ambition or drive in his life, unlike his brother Tom did.
His present job, on this roller coaster ?on again, off again? work circle of his, was as a casual employee at the local car wash, which he felt gave him enough ?coin?, to get by from week to week. Then one night his whole life was turned around, when fate stepped in. He was given a chance to end this squalid existence he?d been living, and it all happened quite by accident. He immediately grasped the opportunity with both hands, turning his whole life around into something meaningful again. It wasn?t a lottery win, nor was it a decent inheritance, that brought about this sudden change in him ?





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