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Lance Atkins

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Science Fiction

Professor Terry Evans is the father of modern nanites. Together with his assistant, Susan Anderson, they are at the precipice of a major breakthrough that will revolutionise medical procedures and affect millions of lives.
The powerful medical fraternity, threatened by the new technology, have petitioned the senate sub-committee to withdraw funding for the project, jeopardising the very existence of the nanites. With the project so close to completion, Senator Garth Evans, champion of the nanite project, enlists the assistance of his old school friend and billionaire oil tycoon, Robert 'Buck' Henry III, to fund the project as a commercial venture.
Meanwhile, Susan's father, Dexter, has been keeping a secret from his daughter. Retrenched and in financial difficulties, Dexter has been selling off the family assets to pay for medical treatment.
Susan must now make a choice that could kill her father and leave her family in ruins, destroying her new benefactor along the way.