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Never Upstaged: Babette Stephens, her life and times

Jay McKee

Never Upstaged: Babette Stephens, her life and times
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For 70 years Babette Stephens’ stellar talents lit up several facets of the entertainment business in Queensland:

Dancer, singer, actress, director, artistic director, radio talks hostess, ABC radio drama actress, VIP personnel manager, journalist and social columnist, theatre and film critic, TV games show panellist and soapie actress, film actress, drama teacher, mentor and festival adjudicator—small wonder the media accorded her the status Doyenne of the Entertainment Industry.

She helped shape the emerging cultural life of the city and it, in turn, shaped her career. Never Upstaged celebrates the rise and rise of this revered celebrity, as well as her role as a wife, mother, housewife, social hostess and charity worker—a feminist way before the second ideological wave of the 1970s with whom she shared the vision but little of the methodology. No glass ceilings for Babette!

This is a biography full of cultural history, personal achievements, humanity, fond memories, personal anecdotes and humour.

"There was only one of her. That Brisbane had the benefit of her craft almost exclusively, was an immense loss to theatre elsewhere in Australia." Barry Creyton (Playwright, Stage and TV Star)

‘When [we] stand on stage [the audience] can’t see the 90% responsible for getting us there…she obviously had the guts. She could do what it took! Hazel Phillips (Variety Performer and TV Star)

"She created her own legend in her lifetime. And what a legend!" Brian Moll (Stage and TV Actor)

"Babette was one of those inspiring women across the country who led theatre in Australia during its formative years." Sue Rider (Former Artistic Director, La Boîte Theatre Company)

"…indomitable and indestructible…" Alan Edwards Founding Artistic Director, Queensland Theatre Company

"[Babette] was a very strong leader. Despotic even. It was interesting that the two bids for leadership takeovers occurred in her absence." Peter Settle Stage Manager and Comedy Actor