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New Life in the Mourning

Vicky Legge

New Life in the Mourning
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And they lived happily ever after. That’s the dream ending we all expect from a committed relationship, but dreams can become nightmares, and relationships end. But as Vicky Legge explains with authority and compassion, the end of a relationship doesn’t have to be ‘the end’. It can be a challenging, confronting and painful time that brings mourning, but there is hope for a new life.
Change is unavoidable. Growth through change is optional. New Life in the Mourning offers practical guidance to navigate the end of a relationship caused by separation, divorce or relationship breakdown. You’ll discover how to
•           overcome negative emotions and grief
•           heal and find wholeness
•           move on, choosing to live an abundant life of purpose.
New Life in the Mourning has been written by someone who has experienced the journey and knows there is light at the end of the tunnel. Vicky Legge has used her own, very personal, experiences to minister to many people who have found themselves single again, some of whom share their stories of finding healing and hope amidst the often devastating end of their relationships. She encourages you to take the journey as well, and to find ‘new life in the mourning’.