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Now Tell Me This

by Penny Becchio

Now Tell Me This
Current Release

Des Simpson wants to be a professional piano player, but in 1938 opportunities are rare, so when he gets the chance to play in a dance band he takes it. However, there is a catch; he also has to join the NSW Police.
Despite his larrikinlike approach to life Des soon discovers that he is respected in his job, and the community, and his music career takes off when he becomes an organist at the Capitol Theatre. He also meets Kathleen, a lovely Irish girl, and life is wonderful.
Then he is transferred to Ivanhoe, NSW, where policing takes on a new meaning. On call 24/7, part of the community yet removed from it, learning to ride a horse; there are everyday challenges that make Des draw on his resourcefulness and his limited supply of life experience. With the onset of WW II, and Kathleen far away in Sydney, Des returns home, only to be caught on Sydney Harbour during a Japanese raid. There is little he can do to soothe her worries before he must return to the outback. Will Kathleen be safe? Will the separation of so many miles be too much for their relationship? Des has real fears. For more author information go to:




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