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One Dream, Four Countries

Sundram Sivamalai

One Dream, Four Countries
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There are many books about human struggles and achievements. This book offers the reader a captivating and inspirational account on how to build a live against diversity and many obstacles.
Sundram's vivid account of his life's journey fills us with hope as we share his lessons on how one can succeed. His self-belief, sacrifice, humanity and dedication all played a significant role in his life.
From his early years living in poverty and facing many difficult personal circumstances he was not willing to remain in that cycle.
Trough migration to other countries he studied and became successful in his chosen career. Despite many trials and tribulations he became a successful nurse and educator.
Migrating from Malaysia, United Kingdom and to Australia he managed to overcome adversity and seized on every opportunity available to him. Not satisfied with his personal struggles he used all of his life experiences to assist other migrants on similar journeys. He volunteered his time supporting others settle in the community.
He became widely known and appreciated as selfless leader in his field particularly for his contribution to assist migrations and refugees, and their organisations in regional Australia.
His life story should inspire us all.

George Lekakis AO

Victorian Multicultural Commission - Chairperson 2001-2010