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Orestes: Greece to Australia

Ann Tregenza

Orestes: Greece to Australia
New Release
European Fiction

In these troubled and uncertain times we need stories of love between people and across cultures. Orestes, from Greece to Australia is one such tale, simply and beautifully told by accomplished writer Ann Tregenza.
Orestes is a strong yet sensitive young Greek man who migrates to Australia in the 1950s. Like the albatross, Orestes travels great distances across water, imbued with strength and determination. Another thing Orestes and the albatross have in common is that they choose a partner for life? but who will Orestes choose?
"I first met Ann in 1969 at the historic first Writers Retreat that I organised at the University of New England. She had been selected from a large field along with Frank Hardy, Judith Wright, Kenneth Slessor and Les Murray and held her own with them. She continues to be extraordinarily productive and versatile. Reading Ann's work is a rewarding investment in Australian literature. She is a remarkable writer."
Dr Derek Whitelock, author and former academic
"This has captured the Greek's passion for his homeland, the spirit of his traditions and the determination to make good."
Mary Michaelides, Australian of Greek Parentage