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Paris Light

by Moira McCarthy

Paris Light
Current Release

In the spring of 2008, an Australian woman arrives in Paris to fulfil a dream of discovery and to immerse herself in French history and culture. Hoping to capture memorable photographic images, the writer experiences much more as she records her impressions of a society confronting significant challenges. It is the fortieth anniversary of May 1968, the revolutionary upheaval of students and workers, and France is coming to terms with its past as it defines its future direction. For Moira McCarthy, this is a rare opportunity to nurture her creativity amidst a Paris which never ceases to provoke or inspire. After seven unforgettable weeks, her return includes an idyllic trip into the Cotswold's and time to explore her family's past in Ireland and Wales. Her successful photography ultimately lures her to New York in October, surrounded by the drama of the Global Financial Crisis and the hopes engendered by the forthcoming presidential election. Written with warmth and intimacy, this is a perspective on Paris beyond the awesome grandeur of its architecture by a writer who is ?able to find the beauty in almost anything.?





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