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Praying for Sunlight, Waiting for Rain: A New Guinea Story

Kieran Donaghue

Praying for Sunlight, Waiting for Rain: A New Guinea Story
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Historical Fiction

Ellen Starck, a young South Australian from a privileged background, shares the prejudices of her society about native peoples. Her initial experience of the newly ?discovered' New Guinea highlands, in which she arrives in 1937 as the wife of a Lutheran missionary, does little to change her mind.
She begins by marking time, hoping her husband will soon tire of his missionary work, but she gradually ventures beyond the meagre European society around her into the highland world-especially the world of women and girls, whom she comes to see as New Guinea's best hope.
Providing simple health care in nearby villages gives her a sense of purpose, but then personal tragedy strikes, testing her to her limits. Unexpected new relationships, born in part of the tragedy, help her through her grief and encourage her to stay in thehighlands.
Eventually the prospect of a new life in America presents itself, but the Pacific War intervenes, bringing further isolation and loss. Her response is a decision to return home, but not to the home she originally left.