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Project Integrens

by John Biggs

Project Integrens
Previously Published Book
Sci Fi

John Ashley and his student lover, Liz Brown, break more than academic taboos when they meet two attractive strangers. But these strangers are stranger than John and Liz ever imagined: they are from the planet Kozlar and they have integrated brains. Homo integrens is an evolutionary step or two ahead of homo sapiens: they can outcon us every time. They persuade John and Liz, with some sexual blackmail, to visit Kozlar where?too late?they learn they were brought there only to be subjects in surgical experiments on brain structure. If the experiments are successful, they will be held as breeders; and if unsuccessful? Don?t ask. Their only hope is the loving, child-like Weyen. But hey, hasn?t she got integrated brains too? To contact the author please email




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