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Renegade Sales

by Andrew Toth

Renegade Sales
Galley Release
Self Help

Renegade Sales takes the art of selling to new heights. What sets it apart is its thorough examination of the three phases of selling: First, the "rookie" or preparatory stage which could be defined as high-octane enthusiasm, coupled with minimal skills and maximum drop out rate. Those who survive this stage go on to acquire the necessary "tools" or techniques, only to discard them in the third stage when they go "beyond technique". This is the stage of the adept and is epitomized by effortless selling.
On a less esoteric level, the book is written in a lively manner that both entertains and informs as it introduces a considerable amount of new material. This is not however a mere collection of sales techniques, but rather an in-depth study of the sales process, made possible by the author?s experience in direct sales and his studies in psychology, sociology and New Age philosophies.In short the book achieves both breadth and depth ? the how and the why ? and helps the reader to a thorough understanding of the Number One profession in the world.
Also included is a strong self-help/self-improvement component which is an integral part of the sales process. This is normally taught as "positive thinking". Renegade Sales goes further and brings the sales book up to date by tackling self-help from the New Age perspective of Zen. In short, it is not just a how-to book on selling, but rather a book that examines the whole selling experience, from beginning to end. This is the full story on selling.




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