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Riding the Rough Road

Heyward Mcleod Robertson

Riding the Rough Road
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'I choose to live!'
These were the words Heyward Robertson spoke at his lowest point after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis ? a debilitating and incurable disease of the nervous system.

Riding the Rough Road is a story of his life, encapsulated in exciting and amusing short stories. He tells of tales of his life in the bush which came to an abrupt end, taking him down torturous, dark and shadowy roads.

At 21, Heyward stood strong, broad-shouldered, tall and handsome. He thought himself indestructible and was living his childhood dream as a jackroo on the land. Heyward had carefully planned his life. The first 21 years had been spent learning about all aspects of the land from other rural enterprises. Now he had returned home from jackerooing in the Carnarvons, to take up the reins, with his Dad, on the family property. He had a dream to get married and raise a family.

Riding the Rough Road is a collection of short stories describing the rough and dusty roads, towns and characters that shaped the boy who became a man. He was a man who continued to ride the corrugations of life with his 'never say die' attitude. He is a man who has defied all odds; who has continued to maintain his sense of humour and his passionate zest for life.

Advised by medical authorities to commence limiting his life, he instead chose to live expansively, daring to enter fields about which he had no knowledge, or experience or expertise.
Assisted by a loving family, and with the unstinting support of his mum, Heyward's desire to live life to the full leaves the most able-bodied of us breathless.