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Sex is for Sinners

by Michael Morel

Sex is for Sinners
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Mick Malone has inherited the naivety and wit of the Irish along with a dash of French spice, a portion of English prudishness and a generous Germanic love of good beer. It all combines to create a rich and interesting mixture. Mick is brought into the world during the great depression, a child who is neither welcomed nor loved. As he climbs out of the pit of ignorance and makes his way in the world he endures many challenging and daunting experiences. The pit becomes a shallow depression that leads him to a pathway littered with life's potholes. After a long and arduous journey the road takes an unexpected turn and the obstacles fade away. Mick learns to shed an outer covering of sin and fear forced upon him by church and state and finds himself surrounded by the naked truth. This is the story of Mick's journey and the hurdles and milestones encountered along the way.





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