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Shadows and Light - Journeying Through Cancer

Sandra Slatter

Shadows and Light - Journeying Through Cancer
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'Cancer' is a word that frightens most of us, but for some it can also take them on a personal and spiritual journey where they are able to once again find the joy in life and a passion to experience it to the fullest.
Sandra Slatter is a cancer sufferer, a bone marrow transplant recipient and a cancer survivor. Through it all, she has had to surrender to the help of her friends and family, her "angels" in order to get through the trauma of difficult and painful medical procedures and the reality of having a life threatening illness. But most of all, she has had to depend on herself and the belief that her faith will keep her strong enough to survive this and move forward to a new and richer life. After all, "It's not about being cured or about dying, it's about appreciating life and those you love and sharing yourself with others and with all the world has to offer".
Shadows and light gives readers the opportuntity to look at their life through different eyes, eyes filled with wonder, forgiveness and hope. It tells of a journey of love and courage and gives insight and hope to those facing not only cancer but the rest of life's dramas.



Book Reviews for Shadows and Light - Journeying Through Cancer

A fascinating journey
Prof. Jeff Szer-Head Bone Marrow Transplant Unit
An invaluable resource for medical and pastoral practitioners!’
John Bottomley, Director, Creative Ministries Network
a very powerful read.
Assoc Prof Constant J Mews, Monash University
a treasure house of inspiration and practical advice
Pamela Allardice, Editor, Nature & Health
Sandra’s wonderful story will inspire
Noel Waite AM, Chair, Waite Consulting Group
I would highly recommend this book
Doreen Akkerman, Direcotr, Cancer Council Victoria
compelling and vital reading
John M Opie AM, President, Bone Marrow Donor Institute
a remarkable story, told with honesty and grace.
Prof John Rickard, Honorary Professional Fellow, Monash University
What a treasure map!
Meredith Fuller, Psychologist/Columnist and Author