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Shadows of Yesterday: A True Story

Chris Kirby Ryan

Shadows of Yesterday: A True Story
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From the age of two, Georgina experienced the vilest abuse and cruelty, unimaginable for the average person. It seemed that everywhere she turned, every man who came into her life had just one purpose in mind. How could a two, four or even a six-year-old understand why grown men would want to touch her body? Georgina had no concept of decency and no role models to help shape her future. With a mother who ignored her pleas for help, Georgina and her siblings had nowhere to turn.
Until the Giant appeared.
Friend or foe, imagined or real, this mystical being took Georgina, Dolly and Tommy on some fascinating and often frightening journeys of learning. Nights would turn into adventures as the Giant would steal them from their beds, leading them into the most intriguing underground expeditions, before disappearing into the night.
But it wasn't enough.
The days were still filled with cruelty. How could Georgina and her siblings ever escape this web of evil?
Despite a mother who suffered a long history of abuse, uncles cursed with evil, a gangster for a father and later a stepfather whose sins outtrumped all others, Georgina survived her battles, overcame the generational curse, and lives to tell this story.