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Shaking the Tree

Lindsay Gordon

Shaking the Tree
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Not all true things are the Truth;
nor should that truth which seems true according to human opinions
be preferred to the true Truth – that according to the faith.
Attributed to Clement of Alexandria (c150-215CE)
Shaking The Tree is a ‘must read’ for Christians and non-Christians alike. The book is the culmination of many years of questioning and research by the author about religion in general and Christianity in particular – sorting through a quagmire of information overload in an attempt to establish the “true Truth” of Christianity.
The author shows how, over the last 200 years or so, many discoveries have been made and much detailed research conducted that indicates an urgent need for re-visiting Christian fundamentals with an open mind. He concludes that: Our religious choices are mostly a matter of faith based on environment. Simply put, truth has to be credible enough until something better comes along. It is exactly the same with scientific theories. Shaking The Tree is an easy book to read. It is written from a non-academic perspective that should really shake your tree no matter what your background might be.