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Sweet on the Dark Side

Katie Louise

Sweet on the Dark Side
Previously Published Book
Australian Fiction

Have you ever thought about how a coincidence can change the life of a family? Or perhaps why an accidental insult leaves you feeling perplexed and bewildered rather than mortified? Dimity, the matriarch of her large family, can answer both these questions. The discovery of her husband's infidelity finds her roaming around England searching for some answer to her woes. Strangely, she meets Malcolm in Rye, whom she offends, but a series of coincidences result in two chance meetings later which not only form a friendship but changes her family life forever.
Meantime, back in Sydney, her assertive daughter Bianca is accidentally pregnant with child number five. Bianca's indolent husband, Louis, is very wealthy and has a cocaine habit. Their marriage is tumultuous to say the least. Melanie is daughter number two. She is a lawyer beset with bouts of depression and endures heartache and tragedy. Dimity supports both daughters in whatever capacity she can.
Indeed there is a heady mix of characters as well as an unexpected twist.
Pink Floyd's Dark side of the Moon pre-empts an eerie aura at the outset; however, at the end, Dark side of the Moon displays how sweet life really can be.