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The American Dream

Andrew Rice

The American Dream
Galley Release

In 1964 America as John Smith and every other American knew it, was changed forever. In the wake of JFK?s assassination it would be Hank, or as he would later be known ?Loudon? who would fill the huge void left behind. Their teenage worlds collide in a friendship of contradictions. Hank?s trailer park existence craves the Middle American upbringing John takes for granted. While John just wants to be Hank.
Follow Hank?s Rock?n?Rollercoaster ride on his way to ?tHE aMERICAN dREAM? and beyond. From the excessive highs of his transformation into Loudon, to the lows of ?The New American Dream? and his subsequent institutionalization, John is never far behind. John?s obsession will ultimately bring about Loudon?s renewed success. John?s failure would see Loudon go from the nuthouse to the Whitehouse, or would he?
Finally when everything you?ve ever believed in is not as you understood it to be, all that?s left is the Insanity!