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The Artless Abduction

Bob Clarke

The Artless Abduction
Galley Release

Geoff Field thought his life was wonderful. Happily married with good friends, a successful chain of fashion stores in metropolitan Perth and he is on the verge of a major business expansion. That was until the day he receives a savage blow to his head in a city car park while on his way to a very important business meeting. This is the point where his life changes forever, in ways he could never imagine.
He regains consciousness as cargo on a freight train. He eludes his guard and escapes into the bush. On the run from unknown adversaries, he enlists a friend (Harry Gold) and makes for the wine growing regions and coastal wilderness of West Australia as they try to identify his pursuers. Geoff discovers that the workings of local, national and international fashion companies are involved and that his business plans are being thwarted from an unexpected source. Trusted associates loom as dark shadows and is family is in deadly danger. Events unravel revealing the presence of organised crime, political interference, betrayals and intimidation seemingly centred on a bikie gang infestation in beautiful Margaret River.
After realising who is behind it all, Geoff and Harry take off to the small resort town of Yallingup for a last and potentially deadly confrontation with his enemies. This unexpected violent climax threatens the existence of the whole town.